{iPhone App} Hipstamatic


Last time I talked about ShakeIt app, this time I'd like to talk about Hipstamatic.  Quite a few times when I mentioned I use Shakeit, the response would always be a question of "have you tried Hipstamatic?"  I have tried Hipstamatic.  In fact, I've tried it when it first came out, didn't like it, stopped using it for months, then tried it again recently and still didn't like it.  First of all, the app is great for landscapes.  It brings out the atmosphere of certain environments.  However, I'm not too fond of the app for portraits, which isn't flattering on any skin tones.  IF the app allows users to save original images (unprocessed), then I would love to use it a lot more.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck with a great image, let's say, of my daughter looking yellowish green, which at the moment looks great, but not after months or a year later when that trend dies down. Name:Hipstamatic

Pros: fun with swapping films, lenses and flash // great for landscapes and still life

Cons: not able to save original image // have to pay extra when new film/lens/flash are available // not flattering on skin tone

*note: this is base on my personal preferences, I'd recommend getting the app and try it for yourself.