New York On Film


Went to drop off some films at Richard Photo Lab yesterday and reminded myself that I never did a complete post of my New York images from last year using the Golden Half camera.  I really adore this little toy camera, it's been a great travel companion of mine for the past year.  *images below haven't been retouched other than re-size. Equipment:Golden Half from Superheadz // A half-size format 35mm camera, which yields 72 photos from a 36 exposure roll of film.  Apertures are F11 (Sunny), F8.5 (Cloudy) and F11 (Flash).  Can be purchased at Four Corner Store.

Film: Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 35mm and Fujifilm Neopan Black & White 400 35mm

Photo Lab:Richard Photo Lab // Highly recommend this lab for their quality and customer service.