The End?


I was driving to the office this morning listening to the audiobook Eat Pray Love (one of many ways to help me find myself - books, movies, music...) and suddenly I realized it is almost September, a year since this incident.  I spent my past year healing a broken heart, learning how to take care of and finding myself, but most importantly, reconnecting with myself. Two weeks after the break up, I finally pulled myself together and logged onto the computer to get some work done.  On that very same day, Decor8 featured me and my work on her blog.  Because of what I was going through at the time, her feature was extraordinaryly special.  Not that it proved to me that I'm awesome or whatever, but when I was in so much pain, it was a nice and pleasant feeling to know that someone liked my work.  I quickly wrote Holly a 'thank you' email and explained to her what I was going through.  And she wrote back...  She wrote me this long (what I meant "long" was that for someone like her to take time to write such a long and thoughtful email to someone she didn't know of was amazing and unforgettable to me) and sweet email sharing her own stories and encouraging me that I, too, can get over this.  She also wrote few words that til this day I still kept them in my heart, "maybe it is time to reconnect with yourself."  Those words, among other things, like Wilson (the ball) for Chuck Noland (Tom Hank's character) in Cast Away, have kept me going this past year (and still do!).  Reconnecting with myself, reconnecting with myself, reconnecting with myself.....

Back to this morning.  I was driving and remembering that it's been a year already, then I noticed an ad was being dropped from a billboard, which looked like a curtain slowly falling after a show is over.  The workers were changing new ad, I guess.  Shortly after, I drove passed a white hearse with a police leading ahead of it.  Rather they were signs or not, I realized... the heartache has come to an end - the show is over.

But my question now is... where to next?